Freddy Vs. Ghostbusters

Quite possibly my favorite short film ever, well…maybe not better than Treevenge.


This 2004 film runs about 30 minutes long and it never gets old. It starts off with a dream sequence with colours lifted from Argento and a style right out of the first few Nightmare on Elm St. flicks. We’re introduced to one of the main characters, Neil. Neil’s been having a lot of nightmares. In these nightmares he runs afoul of a very authentic looking and sounding Freddy Krueger (Bradley J. Roddy). He attacks poor Neil who awakes with a start, kicking off the iconic theme song from the Ghostbusters and the title screen “Freddy vs. Ghostbusters”

Enter Eugene (Jason Cook) and Ed Spengler (Tim Johnson) nephew of Egon. With the help of Neil they are going to “bust” the paranormal in Denver. The trio head off for some liquid courage and some encouraging words for Neil since his crush is dating his unemployed, slob of a roommate.

Their first paranormal battle shows up at the bar, it’s none other than Slimer looking as good as he did in 1984. Braxtan Films have the effects down pat, the footage looks as low budget as it must have been but the ghost busting props are solid and legit right down to the proton streams. The “new” Ghostbusters quickly gain popularity which of course calls for a musical montage to a remix of the original theme.

The movie keeps going strong when the guys realize that Neil’s bad dreams were caused by his haunted mattress, “A haunted bed? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!” Unfortunately Neil’s disgusting roommate has already met Freddy and ended up as a smear across Neil’s wall (His death is fun so I encourage you to watch it…I can wait…do it now).

With the boys a little lost on their course of action, they ask themselves, “What would Jared do?” Which prompts a visit from Subway spokesperson Jared (actually Bill O’Grady) he tells them to go into the dream, pull Freddy out and blast him. They do, and finish their day off with a musical montage. They’ve earned it.

The acting is engaging, the effects were faithful and fun and after the credits you get a teaser for a big budget movie, you’ll see. Fun movie from start to finish. More satisfying then Nightmare on Elm St. 4 and 5 (maybe 6) and will tide Ghostbuster fans over, for a little while.


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