Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

Yes they should.

Before he brought classics like Baby Geniuses and Baby Geniuses 2 to the silver screen, Bob Clark was a real director. He was the master who brought us Black Christmas, Porkys and even A Christmas Story. Back in the early 70’s riding on Romero’s success, Mr. Clark brought audiences Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things with the help of Alan Ormsby (who’s responsible for one of my other little known favorites Popcorn)

A group of deviant thespians follow their boss onto an abandoned resort island to worship the Devil and raise the dead. Following what I would consider the dawn of the modern zombie movie in NOTLD I have to give this film the respect it deserves.

The characters are engagingly strange and the dialogue helps pass the time since the movie doesn’t really start until almost an hour in. Once the zombie action starts however, it’s an undead romp to the finish line. The finale still stands as one of my favorite zombie moments and for me Orville has a place in my heart right next to Bub.

I would highly recommend this film as an integral entry into the zombie genre but also for the contribution that Bob Clark and Alan Ormsby have made to the genre. It’s nice to see where people began.


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