Shutter 2008

Dawson's creek, only less scary.

Shutter is the result of taking a successful and entertaining foreign film (from Thailand in this case). You remove all the subtlety and tension that made the original work, you tack on a Japanese director for some very strange reason and you release a muddled, boring mess with Pacey as your leading man.

Any of the poorly arranged jumps and jolts that should at least make you flinch are completely ineffective. At no point are you tense enough for even the most cliched and cheap scare tactics. Masayuki Ochiai who had, in my opinion, been successful with films like Kansen(Infection) and Parisaito Ivu (Parasite Eve) couldn’t save an American adaptation.

Save yourself, watch the original. Or go watch any of the other numerous Asian ghost films that were done so much better. Leave this one on the rental wall, or accidentally set on fire…whoops, how did that happen?

I’m not the type to hate remakes on the mere fact that they are remakes. Shutter is just a poorly executed movie that will put you to sleep long before it gives you nightmares.


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