A tale of four sisters.

A remake that doesn't suck?

Churned out in the same bowel movement that gave us Americanized versions of Shutter and The Eye we have The Uninvited. Based on the Korean film A Tale of Two Sisters, this movie manages to stream line the story into something a little more cohesive and straightforward than the original.

Those who have seen the original will appreciate the way the material is handled. I found the use of color almost muted compared to the vividness of the original but it fits the darker environment and helps with the increased level of gruesomeness and gore. There are some genuine scares and some uncomfortable imagery, it all makes for an entertaining 87 minutes.

Emily Browning has you feeling sympathetic and unsettled as she fights her way to the truth, she turns in her strongest performance to date. Elizabeth Banks unfortunately doesn’t command the intimidation and poorly veiled hostility that the character would require, her scenes were a bit of a struggle. Maybe she’s just too nice.

My only issue with The Uninvited was very similar to the issue I had with the Wicker Man remake. A big part of the original material were the twist endings, so unfortunately if you’ve seen the original you’re left without that satisfaction as you already know whats coming.

This flick has solid scares, impressive locations and visuals and impressive performances (at least by horror remake standards). Whether you’ve seen the original or not, I would still recommend this movie. It may be the only Asian “re imagining” I recommend.


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