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Hurray Canada Day! Hurray moving!

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So I am moving into my first official west coast place tomorrow and it’s not a moment too soon. We should have the net soon and a nice new movie room very soon and I’ll get back to business.

To fill the absence you should head on over to Youtube and check out two channels. I don’t know either of the guys and they don’t know me but I feel like I’ve been in their living rooms and they have been in my heart.

Their horror reviews and videos are some of my favorite online so I’m giving a shout-out to mrparka and Eigh8Thechosenone

Don’t forget to come back here when you’re done though.


Slimeball bowl-o-rama? Really?

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It seems I’ve been spending a lot more time aquiring movies than writing about them. It’s not that I haven’t been watching them, more that I haven’t been telling you about them.

I saw an ad for a yard sale this past weekend that mentioned VHS and specifically b-horror and cult. How could you ignore that. The sale was set to start at 9 and I was set to be there at 8:30. An 8:00 departure turned into a 9:20 departure and it turns out that Esquimalt is MUCH further away by foot than the map lead me to believe (it looked like an inch to me). My 8:30 arrival was an 11, great.

An Andy Warhol, Linea Quigley sandwich!

Considering what I found, I’d hate to know what I missed out on the two hours I spent walking there. I met a fan after my own heart in Gord, the man running the show.

We talked about Fulci, Argento and he enlightened my on some titles I had never even heard of, that doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.

I picked beautiful copies of both Andy Warhol’s Dracula and Frankenstein. The cover art and boxes alone are amazing, I can’t wait to watch the films.

I also grabbed Mill of the Stone Women looking pretty intimidating in the big box. There’s an Australian film called Body Melt from the early 90’s (no trailer, the clip doesn’t have spoilers but be warned) and something a little more sci-fi in Biohazard. I was extremely happy to find a Mario Bava entry with Hatchet for the Honeymoon and some erotica to round out the swag with Sucubus and my favorite find, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama.

The walk turned out to be worthwhile. Having a chance to talk to another fan is always a lot of fun and I’m happy with the films I was able to take home.

8mm, now with less Nicholas Cage.

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I’m still staying with family. On the plus side, I will have a proper home on the first of July and can put this madness behind me. To kick off my new, more sensible and rational life, I bought a 8mm projector.

It came with an airshow reel.  Now I just need a copy of Rock you like a Hurricane

I was out with the wife and we stopped into a thrift store just to have a look around, I can’t resist their wacky, discounty movie goodness. I saw the projector, I loved the projector. The wife said “Get the projector”, she may have said it was rad but maybe I just wished she used the word rad more.

As were standing in line, the goth girl behind exclaims that she was looking at it as well and wished she had picked it up. Another customer overheard and mentioned that he had a ton of old 8mm reels but had no idea what was on them.

I ended up with a projector, a new friend and a projector.

Now for some 8mm gore!

They’re a little rough, but they deliver!

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So, no update for the last little while. Net went down, still staying with the inlaws until the 1st so I write this sitting at a very small desk with a smaller stool, but I wont bore you.

I picked up a couple of new VHS. I haven’t watched them yet but they’re both classics.

Big hair double header!

Big hair double header!

Lady in White and Night of the Comet are both 80’s treasures that should be worshiped and coveted and watched while drinking a tall glass of Kool-aid…maybe not. Still a crap load of fun and should not be missed.

I believe they’ve both been released in one way or another on DVD over the last few years so pick them up if that’s more your thing.

I’ve spent the last couple of days watching through (again) all my Fulci and Argento. I can’t wait to get back to the delete bin crap shoots but I needed some fun and quality to strengthen my resolve.

Now, to put a question out into the ether. The way I’ve approached “reviews” is no spoilers and no revealing facts, they are more my impression and enjoyment level. Should I do in depth reviews (possibly with spoilers) or just continue peddling my horror choices to anyone who’ll listen?

Anybody out there?

It takes a village to raise an idiot, and a city to raise the dead.

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It could be your city!

I seem to be on a Fulci kick, which isn’t a problem, it just makes me wish I had more Fulci to watch.

City of the Living Dead is another one of my personal favorites. The gore is top notch and there are plenty of inventive effects if you can get past the fake mouth.

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Zombi 2, wait, what happened to Zombi 1

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Lucio Fulci classic

I’ve watched this movie many times before but after being away from it for a time I forgot how epic it really was.

Zombi 2 was initially penned as an Italian sequel to Dawn of the Dead which went by the title Zombi in some areas. Romero of course went on to do his own sequel with Day of the Dead and Zombi went on to spawn at least 3 more entries into the series. Unfortunately, after Zombie 3 the series lost not only Fulci but any quality whatsoever.

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