Zombi 2, wait, what happened to Zombi 1

Lucio Fulci classic

I’ve watched this movie many times before but after being away from it for a time I forgot how epic it really was.

Zombi 2 was initially penned as an Italian sequel to Dawn of the Dead which went by the title Zombi in some areas. Romero of course went on to do his own sequel with Day of the Dead and Zombi went on to spawn at least 3 more entries into the series. Unfortunately, after Zombie 3 the series lost not only Fulci but any quality whatsoever.

There’s also a bit of confusion since a Bruno Mattei film called Virus was released as Zombie 4 in some markets even though Zombi 4: After Death existed as a completely different film. I don’t want to deal with that shit storm. A group out of the Netherlands also filled the Zombi 1 void with a short film in 1995 but I’ve yet to track it down, when I do, you folks will be the first to know.

The story is pretty standard, an abandoned boat wanders into New York’s harbor with nobody on board but a hungry zombie. The daughter of the boats owner goes in search of her father with the help of a nosey reporter. They meet up with two american vacationers and find the zombie island. Pretty straightforward.

Now, it’s with the zombies themselves and the practical gore effects that this movie truly shines, thank you Gianetto de Rossi and everyone else involved.. No offense to Romero but the zombies are decayed, rotten, shambling meat sacs that actually have a repellent effect on the viewers instead of the more tame monsters found in both Dawn and Day of the dead.

The use of live worms and maggots on some (potentially volunteer, or minimum wage) extras goes a long way in raising the believability. There are some standard Fulci gags and penetrations (I really don’t want to ruin them) and serious blood shed. For the gore hound, it’s not modern in it’s amount (Martyrs, Tokyo Gore Police) but it delivers. For everyone else, the zombies are amazing, the locale is great and the movie’s engaging from start to finish, there`s also at least one hilarious surprise that shouldn`t be missed.

Can you guess what I`m talking about (my keyboard has decided I no longer need use of the question mark)

As with most Fulci movies, the music is creepy but melodic and the main theme (which you’ll here at EVERY key moment) is memorable and will bring shivers for a long time after you’re done the movie.

I have a biased soft-spot for Fulci but this movie deserves more respect and attention than it gets. Romero`s work is classic but in many ways this film is the superior beast.

Watch it, love it.


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