It takes a village to raise an idiot, and a city to raise the dead.

It could be your city!

I seem to be on a Fulci kick, which isn’t a problem, it just makes me wish I had more Fulci to watch.

City of the Living Dead is another one of my personal favorites. The gore is top notch and there are plenty of inventive effects if you can get past the fake mouth.

The gates of hell are opened when a priest hangs himself among the tombstones of Dunwich. A young woman back from the dead goes on the hunt for the doomed city with yet another reporter in the hopes of closing the gates before the day of the dead.

As with all most of Fulci’s films there is a disconnect between the voices and lips but once you look past that and the strange fact that some of the characters seem to have elaborate ghoulish makeup even when they’re not ghouls you have an epic movie on your hands.

The gore effects are amazing and nauseating which is a feat for a movie that’s nearing it’s 30th birthday. The ghosts are eerie and grotesque and the haunting priest is intensely unsettling.

In standard Fulci fashion, the music has a memorable and sometimes incompatible soundtrack once again by Fabio Frizzi. I love Frizzi’s soundtrack work and this movie is no exception.

The story starts to fall apart at the end but the visuals are fantastic and head and shoulders above what most other horror film makers were doing at the time.

Great movie, go watch it.


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