They’re a little rough, but they deliver!

So, no update for the last little while. Net went down, still staying with the inlaws until the 1st so I write this sitting at a very small desk with a smaller stool, but I wont bore you.

I picked up a couple of new VHS. I haven’t watched them yet but they’re both classics.

Big hair double header!

Big hair double header!

Lady in White and Night of the Comet are both 80’s treasures that should be worshiped and coveted and watched while drinking a tall glass of Kool-aid…maybe not. Still a crap load of fun and should not be missed.

I believe they’ve both been released in one way or another on DVD over the last few years so pick them up if that’s more your thing.

I’ve spent the last couple of days watching through (again) all my Fulci and Argento. I can’t wait to get back to the delete bin crap shoots but I needed some fun and quality to strengthen my resolve.

Now, to put a question out into the ether. The way I’ve approached “reviews” is no spoilers and no revealing facts, they are more my impression and enjoyment level. Should I do in depth reviews (possibly with spoilers) or just continue peddling my horror choices to anyone who’ll listen?

Anybody out there?


One Response to “They’re a little rough, but they deliver!”

  1. In all fairness, Lady in White is set in the 60’s so it’s a completely different type of big hair.

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