8mm, now with less Nicholas Cage.

I’m still staying with family. On the plus side, I will have a proper home on the first of July and can put this madness behind me. To kick off my new, more sensible and rational life, I bought a 8mm projector.

It came with an airshow reel.  Now I just need a copy of Rock you like a Hurricane

I was out with the wife and we stopped into a thrift store just to have a look around, I can’t resist their wacky, discounty movie goodness. I saw the projector, I loved the projector. The wife said “Get the projector”, she may have said it was rad but maybe I just wished she used the word rad more.

As were standing in line, the goth girl behind exclaims that she was looking at it as well and wished she had picked it up. Another customer overheard and mentioned that he had a ton of old 8mm reels but had no idea what was on them.

I ended up with a projector, a new friend and a projector.

Now for some 8mm gore!


One Response to “8mm, now with less Nicholas Cage.”

  1. So awesome.

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