Hurray Canada Day! Hurray moving!

So I am moving into my first official west coast place tomorrow and it’s not a moment too soon. We should have the net soon and a nice new movie room very soon and I’ll get back to business.

To fill the absence you should head on over to Youtube and check out two channels. I don’t know either of the guys and they don’t know me but I feel like I’ve been in their living rooms and they have been in my heart.

Their horror reviews and videos are some of my favorite online so I’m giving a shout-out to mrparka and Eigh8Thechosenone

Don’t forget to come back here when you’re done though.


One Response to “Hurray Canada Day! Hurray moving!”

  1. Wow i just came across this. Thank you so much that was very nice of you. You are awesome. 🙂 eigh8thechosenone is awesome.

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