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Cromagnon girls are terrifyingly sexy.

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I picked up a copy of Body Melt knowing nothing about it. The title was enough to sell me. I couldn’t track down a trailer but the clip sums up the movie nicely.

If you liked Dead Alive or Bad Taste, watch this. If the Aussie accents of Undead make you tingle, watch this. If you like Cronenberg and his creepy obsession with penetration, watch this.

Are you watching it yet?

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VHS is dying, I must save it!

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Well, there’s no saving this dead horse but there is still plenty of time to beat it, stuff it, set it up in the living room to make all my visitors awkward and uncomfortable.

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I wish there was something witty to say about the title. Make reference to the careers of cast? No, they actually went on to varying levels of success but success none the less. With a line up that includes much younger, smoother versions of Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon and Oliver Platt, there really isn’t much to say. Oh wait, there was also a Baldwin.

I know! Joel Schumacher! The man who flatlined the Batman and Robin franchise…forget it. Flatliners was from a time of Falling Down and Lost Boys, the time before he became obsessed with fluorescent lights and HUGE cod pieces.

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I lost a month.

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If found please return to…

I realize that about a month has passed and yes, I am ashamed. In that time I lost my rabbit, lost my cat, found my cat and found my way back here. In the mean time the hoarding continues.

On a side note, Mr. Phil was correct about Japan using NTSC not pal so I can in fact watch my Japanese Friday the 13th.

I’m thrilled.

The above image was courtesy of TheBloggess I’m not sure the original source but I love it.