I wish there was something witty to say about the title. Make reference to the careers of cast? No, they actually went on to varying levels of success but success none the less. With a line up that includes much younger, smoother versions of Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon and Oliver Platt, there really isn’t much to say. Oh wait, there was also a Baldwin.

I know! Joel Schumacher! The man who flatlined the Batman and Robin franchise…forget it. Flatliners was from a time of Falling Down and Lost Boys, the time before he became obsessed with fluorescent lights and HUGE cod pieces.

Sutherland is an up and coming medical student who decides he’s going to gain fame, fortune and Julia Roberts by purposely killing himself and being revived to see if there’s anything on the other side.

Of course this goes terribly and dying apparently comes with some severe side effects. Memories and traumas from each characters past are made solid and real by their trip to the afterlife, some of them are nasty, violent pre teens with blunt objects and a poundy hate on for Jack Bauer.

The cast is fantastic. The scenes are grim and dirty, foreboding sets and unsettling music. Overall the film a lot more lowkey then I remember from my childhood, but I think it’s me, not the movie that’s changed.

The hallucinations are disjointed and seriously creepy. There’s almost an Argento feel to the uses of such rich, eneveloping color.

The high point for me was Joshua Rudoy who played Sutherland’s ass kicking memory Billy Mahoney. The kid is right creepy and believable as a threatening force.

This is a must watch. MUST WATCH!


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