VHS is dying, I must save it!

Well, there’s no saving this dead horse but there is still plenty of time to beat it, stuff it, set it up in the living room to make all my visitors awkward and uncomfortable.

I found three entries into the Vincent Price collection, two still completely sealed, no lover for the great Mr. Price. I’m a huge Clive Barker fan and if you haven’t seen Nightbreed then you’re not really a person.

I picked up Boogeyman because I remembered how fantastic the opening 5 minutes is and forgot how terrible the other 85 minutes is. Shit. White Noise wasn’t as bad as I had been led to believe but is still unmemorable is practically every way.

The big surprise was Terror in the Aisles. This is a documentary style movie about horror movies hosted by Donald Pleasance (Halloween, Phenomena) and Nancy Allen (Poltergeist III, Robocop series). This flick samples sequences from over 75 horror films from the past few decades. The clips are entertaining and amazing, all the best parts from many of my favorite movies. If you can find it, get it.

I was happy to see Flatliners again after all these years and Cronos was a cover I remember from video stores when I was younger so it was rad to finally watch through. I was happy to discover it was an old Del Toro film starring Ron Perlman. I’m seriously loving the VHS right now.

Lastly, I’ve started picking up some books as well. I can’t help myself.

The wacky movie adaptations are always fun, or painful. Painful fun.


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