Cromagnon girls are terrifyingly sexy.

I picked up a copy of Body Melt knowing nothing about it. The title was enough to sell me. I couldn’t track down a trailer but the clip sums up the movie nicely.

If you liked Dead Alive or Bad Taste, watch this. If the Aussie accents of Undead make you tingle, watch this. If you like Cronenberg and his creepy obsession with penetration, watch this.

Are you watching it yet?

A pharmaceutical company is manufacturing a new performance enhancing wonder-drug and doing secret human tests. Sounds innocent enough, until people start freaking out, dying horrifically and melting.

The gore is epic and over the top. The actors are a riot and it’s hard to take your eyes off them and the story is cliched cheesy genius.

It stars Ian Smith, the man who played Harold in Neighbors which will mean nothing to a large percentage of the population but he turns in an entertaining performance as a mad scientist type with his experiments getting out of hand.

Fluids spraying everywhere, inbred farm folk, hilarious acting and questionable writing. This movie is a must see classic in my books.


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