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Happy Blasphemy Day from Zombievrobot!

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September 30th is International Blasphemy Day. An important event in a world where religion has run amok.

So get out there and do some god damn blaspheming <—word?


Using a pseudonym so strangers don’t punch you in the face!

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final exam

I had the misfortune of sitting through Final Examination, a 2003 piece of crap that killed my soul a little bit. A young woman kills herself due to some college bullying, years later the girls who drover her to it are killed off one by one. The plots been done over and over again, this movie just did what everybody else did in the mid 90’s but a lot worse.

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No, you’re thinking of Mr. Boogedy.

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For some reason, whenever you mention Ulli Lommel’s 1980 film The Boogey Man you get fond recollections of the Disney flick Mr. Boogedy. This film, not so much.

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New additions to the family!

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Of course, with the growth of Speed Hero, this poor blog has fallen by the wayside. Same old story. However, I have some new flicks for the meat grinder that was my brain.

After being told over and over again that I need to see it, I finally picked up Inside. I haven’t sat down with it yet but I have high hopes.

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