New additions to the family!

Of course, with the growth of Speed Hero, this poor blog has fallen by the wayside. Same old story. However, I have some new flicks for the meat grinder that was my brain.

After being told over and over again that I need to see it, I finally picked up Inside. I haven’t sat down with it yet but I have high hopes.

Martyrs, despite it’s very obvious flaws is one of the most tense and nerve rattling films I’ve seen in a long time. It’s also one of my favorites from recent memory.

Cube is a Canadian film that wanders into slight sci-fi territory but with the few instances of seriously effective gore I feel safe including it here. Released in 1999 I would even call this a Canadian classic at this point. If you haven’t seen it, you’re a monster.

When I saw my childhood packaged, priced and left to die in the discount bin I had to rescue it. Monster Squad was one of my earliest “horror” memories. Though it is geared to a younger audience (think Goonies), the monsters are amazing and the costumes/make-up hold up after these 22 years since it was released. The perfect movie to get a new generation interested in monsters (not the ones that haven’t seen Cube, you guys just suck).

Tourist Trap caught my eye but I haven’t watched it nor do I know anything about it. Funny enough, about an hour after picking it up Eigh8TheChosenone was reviewing it on his weekly reviews and recommendations. Hive mind?

The real score was Romero’s Season of the Witch. Also known as Jack’s Wives or Hungry Wives, this movie comes packaged with the early Romero flick There’s Always Vanilla. I haven’t watched through yet but I was just happy to add to my Romero line up.

I finally grabbed a copy of The Orphanage. I regretted not going to see it in the theaters and regret it even more so now. The movie is beautifully shot, eerie and engaging. I wont give it up but I teared up at the end. MUST WATCH!

Lastly, Nightmare Castle is an Italian classic from 1965. I haven’t watched through it yet but as I get older I’m starting to really enjoy and appreciate a lot of the B & W classics so I’m looking forward to this one.

I also added some VHS including Ulli Lommel’s The Boogey Man, review to come. I’ve also had this insatiable urge to rescue 80’s cartoons, like I need more collections.

Another shout out if you’re looking for some decent horror reviews in video form check out theDVDfiend’s channel on Youtube. Enjoy!



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