No, you’re thinking of Mr. Boogedy.

For some reason, whenever you mention Ulli Lommel’s 1980 film The Boogey Man you get fond recollections of the Disney flick Mr. Boogedy. This film, not so much.

A young girl sees the reflection of her brother murdering their mothers lover in a mirror. 20 years later the mirror is broken releasing the vengeful spirit of the murdered man.

I don’t care what 6 Moog nerds on the internet say, the score is irritating and repetitive and makes you want to hurt yourself, even before the real crap begins.

The writing belongs in a softcore porn film and the acting is painful, there were a lot of similarities among the slasher and horror films of that era and this can’t even compare. It’s a forgettable film with very few redeeming qualities.

The only thing that kept me going was the deaths and the blood. The gore is gratuitous and hilarious and the the fact that the characters are so irritating make their deaths even sweeter.

Avoid this film and it’s brain damaged sequel.


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