Using a pseudonym so strangers don’t punch you in the face!

final exam

I had the misfortune of sitting through Final Examination, a 2003 piece of crap that killed my soul a little bit. A young woman kills herself due to some college bullying, years later the girls who drover her to it are killed off one by one. The plots been done over and over again, this movie just did what everybody else did in the mid 90’s but a lot worse.

I assume this movie was a cash grab, they secured financing and pocketed 90 percent of it. Fred Olen Ray directed this semi-erotic, softcore wannabe slasher film under the name Ed Raymond. This is more than likely to throw off creditors and protect him from violence. It was written by Sean O. Bannon and Kimberly Ray both of whom were known for nothing but low grade erotica.

The cast is made up of soap stars, failed porn stars and a few no names just collecting a paycheque. Maybe there would be some inventive kills…nope, no blood, no real violence, nothing interesting at all. The cops are not believable, they hop around like kids playing dress up. Maybe the masked killer from the cover will be nice and creepy…nope, the face from the cover doesn’t show up at all the killer is just a guy in a balaclava.

Okay, there’s gotta be a twist right? Nope. I don’t usually give these things away but I’m saving future generations from this. The dead chick had a brother, he’s killing the skanks that apparently made his sister kill herself.

One last point. When a movie is so bad that even every female character stripping down and having sex with any guy that crosses their path (not actual sex, they just dry hump and make wacky sounds) can’t save it, it should be burned with fire and Fred Olen Ray should be kicked in the nuts.


One Response to “Using a pseudonym so strangers don’t punch you in the face!”

  1. it’s not my genre
    you’ve perhaps saved my heart
    from late-night bad choice!!!

    Thank You, sorry you must live with these images for a while, and Cheers!

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