Happy Halloween month folks.

I love October for a few reasons. It’s not for Halloween, though I do love carving pumpkins. I love the discount bins and displays that pop up in every store where all the gore I can handle is being thrust at me at discount prices. I love the fact that little indie theatres start playing The Shining and Night of the Living Dead and all the classic horror that rarely sees the light of day.

My most recent acquisitions were…

I was happy to find both Demons and Demons 2 together for so cheap. Demons is a much better film but they are both gore-filled, funny, wonderfully shot 80’s flicks and you can’t deny the abilities of both Argento and Lamberto Bava.

These movies are over the top and really reflect the aesthetic of 80’s horror which will be reflected on fondly for generations (especially considering what a shit show the 90’s became). Featuring music from Motley Crue, Billy Idol and The Smiths among others this movies is a great slice of the generation I call my own. Both are must owns in my opinion.

I also grabbed Fright Night for CHEAP. I hate vampire films for the most part but this is one I adore. It’s haunted me since I saw it for the first time when I was about 12. For the record, Marcy Darcy was never hot. You’ve been warned. Now I need to find Fright Night 2.

Lastly, Pathology. I don’t know anything about the movie aside from starring Alyssa Milano (Who’s the Boss) and Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes), I’ll let you know how it goes.


One Response to “Happy Halloween month folks.”

  1. I am looking forward to hearing about Pathology! I am compelled by horror movies secretly, but especially the ones with shiny 21st century production values.

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