Oopsie Poopsie!

I can’t believe I forgot to update…before…the one I just did. Let’s go back in time to a week ago and check out the bounty that I just received.

After many years of not being a complete person I finally grabbed a copy of Re-Animator for my very own. I had almost forgotten how completely and thoroughly I love this movie.

The movie is bloody and tense but perfectly balanced with dark humour and a small dose of slapstick. Jeffrey Combs is fantastic as the intense and eccentric Dr. Herbert West and obviously struck up a friendship with director Stuart Gordon, you’ll find he went on to do many future Gordon films.

I love the original, I love the sequels Bride of Re-Animator and Beyond Re-Animator and am embarrassingly giddy of the prospect of House of Re-Animator in 2010 (not likely).

The real surprise for me was the movie Psyclops, “Half man, half video camera, totally deranged” The acting is terrible, the writing is painful and infuriating and the movie is 100% hilarious fun. Buy it, the only place you’ll find it is thrift stores and bargain bins so it will be well worth it’s tiny price tag.

I love October (it gives me a more legitimate excuse to spend all my free time watching horror movies).


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