Cause of death? Being a bland and mediocre movie.

I sat down to watch Pathology, not really knowing what to expect. The trailers are interesting, at least interesting enough to warrant a watch.

The movie isn’t particularly bad, let’s just get that out of the way. The problem is that it’s all been done before. Group of teens (in this case, up and coming pathologists) develop a God complex and begin a game of one upmanship that involves elaborate murders that the others in the group have to solve.

I like Milo Ventimiglia (Heros) and this movie is no different. You notice right away that happy Peter Petrelli and angry Peter Petrelli are the only characters he can play. If you can get past that he really is fun to watch. I loved Michael Weston as Dr. Gallo he bounced between pompous douche to sincere friend to intense psychopath extremely well, he was a high point of the movie for me.

Now I may be thinking too hard but I was bothered by the main characters names Dr. Gallo (Gallows), Dr. Grey (I wont give the movie away but I thought it was a nod to the character he plays). Keep your eyes peeled for John DeLancie as Dr. Quentin Morris (okay, now I’m stretching it).

This movie is an impressive climax with an hour worth of filler leading up to it. The ending, or at least Dr. Stravinsky’s part in it bothered me in the same way the entire remake of “Last House on the Left” did. Revenge is one thing but to think that reasonable people can automatically fall into the roll of monster doesn’t sit well or believably with me.

I would encourage fans of any movie that gets the “psychological thriller” tag instead of actually being horror to give this movie a watch. Not worth buying unless you find it cheap.

I know that I should really assert my position when talking about these movies but Pathology is just Meh.


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