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This is Your Stop.

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“Why don’t you stop talking and start fucking me.”

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Might as well Face it, I’m Addicted to Blood.

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No more nasties to add to the list but I found a couple of gems and a couple that are the opposite of gems whatever that would be.

I was excited to find Cemetary Man for a dollar and couldn’t resist, the exciting find for me was Mario Bava’s Shock. It’s in a protective case but it has the original sleeve in perfect shape and there are no rental marks or stickers, it looks great.

As with the Tales from the Crypt television show and the other TFTC feature Bordello of Blood, Demon Night is wacky, mild fun so it had to come home with me. Leviathan is one of my favorites from when I was a kid and I’m a big softy when it comes to monster movies. Lastly, The Babysitter. It has William Shatner, how could it go wrong?

Now I just have to replace the VCR since my choice in movies caused the last one to take it’s own life. Stupid, judgmental machine.

I Choose Trick?

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After delayed releases and plenty of rumors, Trick ‘R Treat finally reached a DVD near you. This little engine that could was slated for a Halloween 2007 release which is when it started to gain interest and curiosity. Suddenly, the trailers disappeared and it started popping up with a 2008 date by this point I was thoroughly intrigued and more than a little frustrated. When it didn’t make 2008 I thought all was lost.

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Drag me to 1981 – Raimi Returns

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I missed Drag Me to Hell when it made the theatre circuit and having now finally sat down to watch it I have to say I regret not seeing it on the big screen.

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Oh Riki You’re so Fine, You’re so Fine you Blow my Mind!

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This is not really horror but in fact a martial arts/comedy. Think old Jackie Chan flicks if Jackie Chan was a psychotic sadist who owned stock in a movie blood company.


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Do You Know the Number to Heaven?

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I stumbled upon this gem and thought I would pimp it thusly.

So good.

Zombie vs. Robot vs. Video Nasty

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All this talk of censorship and video seizures has compelled me on a new quest, I’m highly impressionable. Over the next couple of months I plan to track down the video nasties one by one. I will update as my horde of depravity grows.

I’ll start with the 39 actually prosecuted entries and then potentially move on the larger list of movies the British Police had a hard-on for (do you hyphenate hardon? Hard on? Hadron?) I’m off to a great start as I already own 8 of them:

The Boogey Man
The Beyond
House by the Cemetery
Eaten Alive
The Evil Dead
Flesh For Frankenstein
Zombi 2

Some of these movies have alternate titles for different regions but I’ll only clarify if it becomes too confusing.

Once my horror kingdom has a strong base of nastification I will watch and review one “Nasty” a day until I’ve been through the entire catalog.

Make sure you stay tuned as I hunt and trap these movies and pass some along if you happen to cross their paths 🙂

It has begun.