I Finally saw Zombieland


I was excited about seeing Zombieland from the first time I saw the trailer months and months and months ago. It opened, did I go see it? No. Weeks passed and it began dropping off the marquee all over town. Did I go see it? Still no. My co-workers all saw it, genre fans and no-tastes alike.

I finally saw Zombieland.

I have not been this entertained by a horror/comedy in years, not since the hilarity and legit zombieness that was Shawn of the Dead. Now Zombie land is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Some of the writing and jokes are hammy and poorly written. Some of the visual comedy and big gags are predictable well before they are actually executed. Watching these things in most films would piss me off, not Zombieland though.


From the fantastic opening montage to the closing credits, the zombies are grotesque, bloody and terrifying. The kills, both of zombies and the unfortunate fodder are brutal and visceral with a great attention to sound effects and inventive camera work. This movie endeared me from the start, it could do no wrong.


The characters are likable and whether or not you’re compelled by them, you’re at least thoroughly and constantly amused by them. The entire movie flys by and you can’t take your eyes off the screen.

I will continue with my no spoiler vague reviews and just say watch to the very end, credits and all. Enjoy the big name cameo, Woody Harelson near the top of his game and the sheer awesome that is Zombieland.


One Response to “I Finally saw Zombieland”

  1. Yourmanhood Says:

    i saw this movie and at times i was literally on the floor laughing, in my opinion it was a romantic comedy, thats all im sayin.

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