Pontypool, Pontypool, Pontypool.


There are a few movies that I would consider Canadian classics when it comes to horror. The Changeling, My Bloody Valentine and maybe, just maybe, Pontypool.

This little Canadian film does big things with a unique and riveting premise. A zombie-like affliction passed through the English language itself. Bruce McDonald, best known for Canadian television with shows like Ready or Not and Queer as Folk directed this adaptation of the book Pontypool Changes Everything.


This flick is subtle and subdued, filmed almost entirely inside a local radio station and broadcasting booth. Most of the horrendous events and inconceivable drama is relayed through phone calls from the outside to
the characters protected within the station.

What little gore you actually receive is cringe inducing and effective. The infected individuals are genuinely unsettling and there is no shortage of blood when they are actually in the scene.


This is a must watch and must own for all horror fans.


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