No Witty Title Neccesary, Death Bed-The Bed that Eats.

death bed

There are only two ways to get the kind of feeling this movie provides a) have a stroke or b) watch Death Bed-The Bed That Eats.

Lets pretend for a moment that this movie has a story or plot. It revolves around a possessed bed that has the ability to dissolve and consume people, pets and picnic lunches as well as ironic mustaches. What little narration and attempt at a back story is provide by a young man trapped inside a painting. Got it?


I can’t even say the acting is bad per se. It’s as though they recruited homeless people and then just shouted gibberish at them through a megaphone. Not one of them seems to know what’s going on or how to react at any given moment. Slather on a helping of poor dubbing and you have pure hilarity.


Deathbed was written and directed by a man named George Barry and remains his one and only movie, it plays out like a inside joke that nobody gets.

The movie is hilarious. I would recommend it as a party movie since this groan fest would be more enjoyable with a crowd. The effects are confusing but entertaining, watching the bed eat, drink and abuse its telekinetic powers will enthrall even the most pretentious movie fan.

Buy it and treasure it, keep cult cinema alice.


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