Zombie vs. Robot vs. Video Nasty

All this talk of censorship and video seizures has compelled me on a new quest, I’m highly impressionable. Over the next couple of months I plan to track down the video nasties one by one. I will update as my horde of depravity grows.

I’ll start with the 39 actually prosecuted entries and then potentially move on the larger list of movies the British Police had a hard-on for (do you hyphenate hardon? Hard on? Hadron?) I’m off to a great start as I already own 8 of them:

The Boogey Man
The Beyond
House by the Cemetery
Eaten Alive
The Evil Dead
Flesh For Frankenstein
Zombi 2

Some of these movies have alternate titles for different regions but I’ll only clarify if it becomes too confusing.

Once my horror kingdom has a strong base of nastification I will watch and review one “Nasty” a day until I’ve been through the entire catalog.

Make sure you stay tuned as I hunt and trap these movies and pass some along if you happen to cross their paths 🙂

It has begun.


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