Oh Riki You’re so Fine, You’re so Fine you Blow my Mind!

This is not really horror but in fact a martial arts/comedy. Think old Jackie Chan flicks if Jackie Chan was a psychotic sadist who owned stock in a movie blood company.


Riki O is based on the intense manga of the same name. Riki is a man of superhuman strength that ends up incarcerated in a severely corrupt prison system. He uses immense violence and horrific assaults to clean up the prison and it’s savage overlords.

The prison is run by the revered “Gang of Four”, thugs that rule the prison hauls with pain and death, Riki returns the favor.

The visuals are the most stunning part of this movie. The plot has been recycled and regurgetated in one form or another for years but the gore and effects in this flick put it in a class by itself.


After 18 years this movie is still mind blowing. Men are assaulted with wood carving tools, they have holes punched through them and the blood never stops spraying. It comes close to putting Tokyo Gore Police to shame and that movie even had the word gore in the title.


Riki works his way through the Gang of Four and a collection of henchmen before finally reaching the warden and giving audiences one of the most fantastic finally battles ever to grace my very small tv screen.

I recommend Riki Oh to gorehounds only. I love this movie but I know it’s not everyone’s idea of a good time. If you love gore and you really want to be surprised, watch this movie, then watch it again once the initial shock has settled.


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