I Choose Trick?


After delayed releases and plenty of rumors, Trick ‘R Treat finally reached a DVD near you. This little engine that could was slated for a Halloween 2007 release which is when it started to gain interest and curiosity. Suddenly, the trailers disappeared and it started popping up with a 2008 date by this point I was thoroughly intrigued and more than a little frustrated. When it didn’t make 2008 I thought all was lost.

Here it is, the straight to DVD bastard child that climbed right out of the Walmart dumpster and demanded to survive. Let’s get this straight from the start, I really enjoyed this film but was very confused by the whole experience. I found the whole thing suffered from a severe identity crisis.

The movie plays out like a classic anthology, a collection of shorter self contained stories loosely connected by a memorably creepy button eyed boy? Let’s say boy. There are four stories including a young couple who pay the price for not following the traditions, a high school principle with dark urges, a seemingly innocent girl with some surprising appetites and a nasty hermit who gets a lesson in terror.

That paragraph reads like a vague back of the box synopsis and I don’t care, there are some really surprising elements to each story and I’m not giving them away. The chronology is messed with a bit so it jumps from story to story at certain points which is a nice adjustment of the linear anthology setup.

I found the tone of this film was inconsistent, it wasn’t quite sure what kind of movie it wanted to be. It jumped from dark comedy to serious horror film to children s ghost story which made the entire experience a little confusing. For the record, as with any reveal in a horror movie, seeing under the button eye mask…well, what did you think?

Overall the film is fantastic. It’s a fun throwback to 80’s anthologies like Tales from the Darkside, Creepshow and even Cat’s Eye (Wow, Stephen King had his fingers in all of those). Anna Paquin was adorable and didn’t grate on me as she does in most films and Brain Cox makes almost any movie watchable (he’s the only reason to watch Red).

I have a bad habit of calling pretty much everything a must watch or a must rent…and this is no different. Objectivity can get stuffed.


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