This is Your Stop.

“Why don’t you stop talking and start fucking me.”

A young woman boards a subway on her way home from work at a mental hospital The train suddenly stops and all hell breaks loose as a homicidal cult gets there message of Armageddon. The fundies try to save everyone in their path with a painful stabby death.

Maurice Devereaux’s End of the Line is a flawed movie that may live on as a kitchy, cult classic.

I guess I’ll start with the bad. This is an ambitious indie pic and some of the acting plays out as such. Robin Wilcock is effective and slimy as the unbalanced Patrick but other than that it feels like a amateur theatre troupe.

Some of the writing is cringe worthy, wait for Mike and his “Creep-o-meter, which would have been a lame joke if they hadn’t spent 5 minutes explaining it, that made it painful.

A lot of the jolts and scares are cheap combination of loud noises and jump scares. I enjoy the feeling even if it feels like a cop out. One last criticism is the silly weapons the cult members carried, they were the most hilarious Mickey Mouse foam blades, ludicrously over sized.

This movie would have benefited from a few more subtle nods to secularism like the main character reading a Carl Sagan book and less irritating chicks singing atheistish rock songs loudly on the train.

The overall atmosphere and feel of the movie is tense and creepy. The cult members are a little to close to real life and it lends them an unsettling intimidation factor. I love the claustrophobic feel of the train cars and the tight confines of a dark train tunnel.

The movie a great example of budget film making and really enjoyable overall. The flaws I mentioned are forgivable and even improve the campy fun of the movie.

This is a definite rent. If you REALLY like it, buy it. For some reason it was excessively expensive most places it was available ($30+) if you can find it cheap, grab it.


2 Responses to “This is Your Stop.”

  1. I saw this at the Edmonton film festival! I even wrote 4 words about it on my blog, which I was encouraged to revise to 5 words in the comments:

    … but I think I agree with your review by now.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your article, keep on creating such interesting posts!

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