The Doctor Asked if I was Hearing Voices. The Voices Told me to Say No.

Tom Savini did it with his version of Night of the Living Dead. Zack Snyder did it with Dawn of the Dead and I don’t even want to talk about the Mena Suvari led Day of the Dead, it still makes me angry. Remakes are still going strong, some good, some bad…mostly bad.

Romero’s 1973 classic The Crazies is the next film on the chopping block.

I’m actually excited to see the remake though trailers have lied to me before.

I also decided a refresher was in order even though the remake is still a little ways off.

In The Crazies, a biological agent is accidentally released in a small town. It causes the townsfolk to go completely insane and become increasingly violent. It follows and ex-green beret and his wife as they, with a small group of escapees try to avoid capture and internment. Meanwhile, the army does the best it can to quarantine the town and contain the virus.

The Crazies was George Romero’s fourth film after Season of The Witch and There’s Always Vanilla. It offered a sneak peek at what was in store for genre fans waiting for Romero to add to his zombie legacy. Romero’s dark humour and pessimistic outlook are apparent and there is almost more blood shed the Dawn and Day combined.

It’s an almost nihilistic film which makes apparent the directors real distrust of authority, in this case the army. The title becomes ambiguous when it becomes hard to tell who “the crazies” are, it’s not just a simple infected versus not story. The army becomes a violent force in hopes of containing a virus they released, the uninfected townsfolk turn to violence against what they feel is a conquering force and lastly, the infected turn to madness and violence due to a biological weapon. Who are the crazies, who are the bad guys?

There is no shortage of inventive kills, random violence and zombie like fiends. Definitely a must watch especially if you are or have ever been a Romero fan.

After the success of Night of the Living Dead this movie really cemented Romero as a talented writer and directory and set the stage for some of the most entertaining films the horror genre has to offer.


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