My Continued Nastification.

As if the other stack of movies weren’t enough I have one last post about my holiday bounty.

I wont be doing reviews of the nasties until the collection is complete but keep reading for some insight into the newest members of my family.

Don’t Go Near the Park Cannibals, witches and the ludicrously arousing Linnea Quigley.

Don’t Go in the Woods…Alone I have a feeling I’m in for a laugh with the nasties, their infamy is what makes them interesting, not their quality. Crap.

Contamination looks amazing. I was able to find an unassuming and shodily packaged version under the US (and cut) title Alien Contamination. Despite it’s appearance, this copy has the uncut 97min original film. Awesome.

Cannibal Man is apparently one of the better and more enjoyable titles on the UK baddies list. La semana del asesino is a 1972 slasher and one of the ones I’m looking forward to most.

Taking up the rear is H.G. Lewis’s Blood Feast. If it’s even close to as good as the original Wizard of Gore, it should be a classic.

I’m going to have to quit my job to catch up on my movie watching.


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