Wait…I Still Function…

Not literally of course, my VCR went the way of the buffalo but I’m on the lookout for a new ruler over my VHS kingdom.

I love you obsolete media.

I was so happy to replace my disappeared copy of Killer Klowns from Outer Space, despite it’s lame rating on IMDB this is one of my absolute favorite movies from the 80’s. The Chiodo brothers who are best known for their visual effects work have crafted a hilarious and genuinely creepy sci fi/horror gem that should be viewed by everyone.

Brainscan is also a little sciencefictiony but I’m stretching the horror genre to suit my own needs. This movie stuck out in my mind and I couldn’t help but grab a copy. Starring a young Edward Furlong this movie is full of wit, and a prime example of mid nineties special effects. Both Killer Klowns and Brainscan are available on DVD but I still love the flawed beauty of VHS.

For no other reason than I have a handful of other titles in the Orion Vincent Price Collection, I picked up Scream and Scream Again. I haven’t watched it yet but I’m going to have to sit down to a Vincent Price marathon in the near future. With Lee, Cushing and Price and a fantastic trailer, this may be real treat.

The last two VHS are unknown to me. I loved the covers and I have a hard time passing on Nazisploitation films. I don’t believe American Nightmare has ended up with a legitimate DVD release at this point and I’m not sure about Angel of Death, a modern day manhunt for Mengele…really..it was released in South America with the name Commando Mengele, so awesome. (I can’t even find a trailer online for that one, I guess I have some work to do).

Happy to add these to the collection and look for reviews in the near future. More collection updates shortly.


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