Why yes, there are 20 DVD’s in my Carry-on Luggage.

In a combination of fantastic early Christmas gifts from my family and my own irresponsible acquiring, I ended up dragging 20 dvd’s from Ontario back to B.C. with me.

My cat is less than impressed with the selection.

I haven’t watched many of these yet so this will be more of a to do list than reviews but as I watch I’ll let you know. We’ll start with the ones that I’ve had the pleasure or pain of watching.

After a long search and many missed opportunities, I’ve finally picked up a copy of Argento’s amazing Deep Red (or Profondo Rosso or The Deep Red Hatchet Murders). This giallo has a intriguing and riveting plot, interesting characters and one of my favorite movie soundtracks of all time. You get a taste of the music in the trailer but when coupled with the film it’s masterful.

The other movie I sat down to watch was Bride of Frank much to the horror of the friends I wrangled to experience it with me. A psychotic homeless man is taken in a given a job delivering larger paper rolls, then a whole lot of crazy shit happens. This isn’t a movie I can recommend to anyone, it’s an experience. There is some impressive gore but the rest of the movie is just insanity…I seriously don’t know how flicks like this happen. I couldn’t find a trailer for it but here’s a taste. Beware.


It should be a real treat to run through the rest, here’s a little taste to make sure you come back.

Don’t Answer the Phone is a 1980 film about a Vietnam vet with a strangley hate on for scantily clad women.

I picked up a two pack with 1971’s The Corpse Grinders and Mikel’s 2000 sequel. A cat food company begins using corpses as a new, cheap source of raw materials. The sequel is the same but with more aliens.

The Devils Chair 2006 – looks like a gorefest with some real promise.

A young Dylan McDermott plays the lead character in the scifi, sort of horror, cyberpunk, rock music video Hardware. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the likes of Lemmy form Motorhead and Iggy Pop among otheres.

A Night to Dismember is a 1983 rarity, hopefully it’s better than the trailer would lead you to believe. I have hopes, not high, just hopes.

Tales from the Darkside the movie is another favorite from my childhood. It brings together some of horrors heaviest hitters and is a well rounded and classic anthology.

Vinyan is much newer than a lot of the other entries here and I really don’t know anything about it. This was definitely a whim and with any luck it will pay off. I like Rufus Sewell and ghost stories, could be good.

I’m a long time Clive Barker fan, he remains my favorite author and one of my favorite filmmakers (there’s too many to narrow it down, sorry Mr. Barker). Unfortunately he has also suffered some terrible adaptations of his work when he didn’t do it himself. I really enjoyed Midnight Meat Train and I’m looking forward to Dread but I’m not sure how Book of Blood with be. Since I even enjoyed Rawhead Rex, how bad could it really be.

I loved the original My Bloody Valentine. It’s one of the best Canadian horror films still today. I am looking forward to the cheesey fun of a 3D remake. Wish me luck.

I know that they released a wicked Blind Dead box set but I still couldn’t help but pick up a two disc set with Tombs of the Blind Dead and Return of the Blind Dead. It’s a great release from Anchor Bay and I have a soft spot for Zombies.

I also picked up Friday the 13th part 6 and 7. I know I should just buy a box set, but they were cheap.

Reviews of all these movies are on there way. Come back for those and my next update, I’ll cover the newest additions to my growing video nasties collection.


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