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New Astron 6!

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Give These Guys Some Money.

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Dog Eared and Left at the Bus Stop

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Two horrific murders take place in a small home in England. The house becomes vacant and a University professor/paranormal investigator moves in to try and document ghostly doings with the help of her tech guy and the troubled new student from her class. Clive Barker’s Book of Blood is yet another disappointing adaptation of an amazing authors work.

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Open the Book and Let me In.

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I just recently picked up a copy of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel “Let the Right One In”. At this point I’ve watched the movie adaptation more times then I’d like to admit and thought it was about time to give the book a chance.

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Ear Rainbows

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Horror has always been a fringe genre, it dabbles in the mainstream but is never of the mainstream. It’s interesting to watch the genre as a whole fall in and out of favor over the years.

What some people still fail to realize is that horror offers vivid imagery, gargantuan amounts of imagination and some of the most beautiful music ever composed.

I can’t lay claim to either of these montages but I love and fully endorse the selections klugerzubald has made.

There are some reviews on the way since I’m watching more horror films than the Christmas season would normally prompt.

Death is Just the Beginning!

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I know it’s not horror but I just returned from the premier of Sherlock Holmes. This was everything a movie should be. Guy Ritchie (and his team) still has a flare for clever dialogue, eclectic and perfectly paired musical cues and gratuitous and riveting violence.

I smiled the entire way through the movie and remained entertained and engaged to the end. Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law are both fantastic and make a hilarious and exciting duo.

This movie entertains in a way that’s been lacking from most mainstream fare for a long time.

This is the perfect holiday movie for pretty much anyone. Go see it…NOW…well in 4 days when it opens pretty much everywhere else.

Happy Holidays horror fans.

My Continued Nastification.

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As if the other stack of movies weren’t enough I have one last post about my holiday bounty.

I wont be doing reviews of the nasties until the collection is complete but keep reading for some insight into the newest members of my family.

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