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What? Oh, I See What You Did There.

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Holy Shit!

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From the insane genius behind Lazer Ghosts 2: Return to Lazer Cove. Steve Kostanski presents Manborg!

Give These Guys Some Money.

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Do You Know the Number to Heaven?

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I stumbled upon this gem and thought I would pimp it thusly.

So good.

No time for love Dr. Jones.

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Not a lot of time for typing tonight and I may have posted this already but I don’t care. It’s been a pretty rough week but this always cheers me up.

I just realized that this only has about 7000 views. That’s unacceptable, it’s genius. Get over there, rate, comment and favorite.

Back to reviews tomorrow. Today, Rad!

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I don’t know that I can sum this up better than it has been already so I’m going to echo the fact that if you took Gummo and added zombies you would have I Love Sarah Jane. Directed by Spencer Susser and written by Susser and David Michôd.